Submarine Sandwich: A Fantastic New Stop Motion Short by PES

Director and stop-motion animator PES just released his latest animation titled Submarine Sandwich, the third short film in his cooking trilogy which also includes Western Spaghetti and Fresh Guacamole, the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar. This latest film takes us into a retro deli where we witness the creation of, yes, a submarine sandwich using vintage sports memorabilia and other sliced objects that resemble food. PES has an uncanny ability to not only identify the perfect props for his films, but also sets them in motion in the most unexpected ways. Submarine Sandwich was funded through Kickstarter earlier this year. If you’re interested in some sweet stop motion animation merch, PES now has a shop where prints and props from many of his films are available for purchase.

Update: There’s now a behind-the-scenes clip.

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How to Draw Mushrooms on an Oscilloscope with Sound


In this surprisingly interesting video from Jerobeam Fenderson we watch (and listen) as he explains how to draw images using the visualizations of sound waves on an old analog Tektronix oscilloscope. To be clear: the images you’re seeing here are not being animated through software, instead Fenderson creates waveforms (sounds) using his computer, and those sound waves LOOK LIKE THIS when fed into an oscilloscope. Suffice to say there’s lots of math involved, and it’s all a little bit over my head, but luckily he answers some questions over on his blog about how it all works. Make sure to watch through to the end.

Chrome Dog Mural by Bik Ismo at Art Basel Miami



Puerto Rican street artist Bik Ismo created this fantastic metallic dog mural for the Raw Project at the Jose De Diego Middle School during Art Basel Miami last week. The piece took about four days and was completed entirely with spray paint, reflecting objects and scenes from the surrounding area. You can see a few more process shots over on StreetArtNews.

Update: Now with video.

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Drawing animals with lifelike detail is both challenging and extremely rewarding. Whether sketching a beloved pet or completing a commissioned piece, this free guide, Learn How to Draw Animals, created exclusively for Craftsy by renowned artist Antonella Avogadro, has something for you.

Download this 25 page PDF guide for free, and get instant access to Antonella’s tips and techniques for drawing cats, dogs, horses, and even birds. You’ll enjoy step-by-step photo tutorials as you master drawing seven different animals with striking realism. Plus, your guide includes an exclusive discount off your next Craftsy class. Savor the advantages of an in-person seminar with the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace, and watch your video lessons again and again, with lifetime access to your online class.

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Wood Tables Embedded with Photoluminescent Resin by Mike Warren




Back in August, industrial designer Mat Brown shared a method for creating wood shelves inlaid with glow-in-the-dark resin. Not to be outdone, Mike Warren just released a tutorial of how to fill the naturally formed voids in pecky cypress with photoluminescent powder mixed with clear casting resin. The effect is pretty amazing. To see how he did it you can watch video above or read through Warren’s step-by-step instructions over on Instructables. (via NOTCOT)

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The Felted Specimens of Hine Mizushima


The list of talents attached to Vancouver-based artist Hine Mizushima's name includes stop-motion puppet animator, illustrator, needle felter, toy designer, and sculptor. Her colorful hand-stitched squids, octopi, mushrooms, and medical specimens that might otherwise be described as creepy or crawly are instead infused with ample doses of fluffy and fuzzy. Mizushima exhibited most recently at FOE Gallery and many of her original felt pieces are available over on Etsy.










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New ‘8-Bit’ Watercolor Paintings Inspired by Atari and Nintendo Graphics by Adam Lister









Artist Adam Lister continues his examination of pop culture and art history through these unusual watercolor paintings inspired by his love for 8-bit graphics found in old Nintendo and Atari video games. These are some of his more recent paintings, and you can see plenty more on his website where he has quite a few prints available.

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