Smashed Can Sculptures That Mimic Traditional Ming Dynasty Porcelain by Lei Xue 

Adopting traditional decorative motifs found on Ming Dynasty ceramics, Chinese artist Lei Xue sculpted these humorous smashed aluminum cans that bridge the gap of some 600 years of art history. The pieces are part of an ongoing series titled Drinking Tea, and unlike the mechanical process of producing cans, each object is sculpted and painted by hand. You can see more of Xue’s work at Martina Detterer Gallery. (via This Isn’t Happiness)

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New Embroidered Clothes and Portraits by Lisa Smirnova 

Moscow-based embroidery artist Lisa Smirnova (previously here and here) continues to stitch beautifully rich illustrations of people, capturing the subtle details of eyes, hair, and shadows, thread by thread. Smirnova brings an almost painterly quality to her embroideries that are each infused with bright splashes of color and occasional patchworks of materials. Collected here are a number of pieces from the last year or so, but you can find additional recent projects on Behance.

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Water Women: Swimming Figures Dip in and out of Water by Sonia Alins 

In this collection of illustrations titled Dones d’aigua (water women), Spanish artist and illustrator Sonia Alins depicts several women immersed almost completely underwater, just a head or foot poking out from the uncertain depths of cloudy liquid. A haunting tension emerges not only from the clever split view created by utilizing translucent paper to mimic water, but also from the slightly ambiguous situation of the figures. It’s not always immediately clear if the women are swimming or drowning. You can follow more of Alins’ work on Instagram or Behance, and a few of her pieces are available as prints. (via Supersonic)

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New Sportswear Logos Embroidered With Flowers and Vegetables by James Merry 

Iceland-based artist James Merry (previously) uses sportswear logos as the basis to his embroidered designs, planting thread-based mushrooms, strawberries, and various flowers on top of Nike swooshes and the ADIDAS logo’s three bars. Although you might not guess it from the simplicity of his sportswear alterations, Merry is a key collaborator with Björk, and has designed many of her costumes for tour and film. You can see more of his blossoming sports logos and elaborate costume designs on his website and Instagram.

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Adobe Stock Contributor Highlight: Dreamlike Views of Finland Captured by Tiina Törmänen 

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

Finding the perfect visual asset for your next creative project can seem like a daunting endeavor. With an endless stream of possibilities it can be difficult to find the image or video that truly stands out and speaks to your audience in a unique way. Recognizing this, Adobe has gathered together some of the most eye-popping imagery you won’t find anywhere else available through Adobe Stock Premium.

For the month of March, in conjunction with Women’s History Month, Adobe is celebrating its own female creators. This week we explore Finnish photographer Tiina Törmänen who has already lived a multitude of lives with years spent perfecting her skills as a BMX biker, working as professional chef, and apprenticing in a photographer’s studio. Her wildly diverse background now influences her breathtaking landscape photography, where trekking solo at night on a snow mobile—with emergency skis strapped to the side—is just part of the job.

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

Although Törmänen has had a camera in-hand for much of her life, it was only recently that she began to point it away from people and out into the expansive landscape that surrounds her. Endless fields of stars, shimmering northern lights, and secretive forest scenes are all hallmarks of her photography. Törmänen likens the skills required to shoot landscapes to those she used for people, a split-second moment where clicking the shutter captures “the soul of the person, the landscape, where you can see the true beauty of it all.”

You can find many of Törmänen’s incredible photographs available for licensing in Adobe Stock’s Premium collection, a selection of highly curated images as unique as your next creative project. Adobe Stock is seamlessly integrated into Creative Cloud applications, so you can search, view, edit, and license photographs, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D assets and more without leaving your creative workflow. Monthly subscription plans are available for individuals, small teams, and enterprise solutions. Learn more about plans and pricing on Adobe Stock. If you’re interested in selling your own stock photos and videos, visit the Adobe Contributor Portal.

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

Tiina Törmänen / Adobe Stock

This post was sponsored by Adobe Stock.

New Surreal Illustrations From the Mind of Simon Prades 

Illustrator and graphic designer Simon Prades (previously here and here) creates illusion and intrigue through old school methods of illustration, choosing to loyally stick to pen and ink as his go-to medium. Despite choosing to clean up and sometimes color his work digitally, Prades’ physical mark making remains apparent, such as in the realistic details provided in his subjects’ faces.

The German illustrator tends to focus on select colors when creating work for clients such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, and The Atlantic, staying within a palette of bright greens and yellows, and muted blues. You can see more of Prades’ recent editorial work on his Instagram, Tumblr and Behance.

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