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May 8, 2023


A vibrant painting of swimmers appearing to run toward the right with birds overhead

Andrea De Luigi (Artist Residency Alumnus ’22), “Against All Odds” (2021), acrylic, ink, relief, and collage on canvas

Ready to take your practice and creativity to new heights? SVACE has the resources and expertise to help you go to the next level. With a diverse range of more than 200 courses and ten artist residencies, you’ll find everything you need to achieve your goals and actualize your potential. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, explore new artistic avenues, or simply deepen your practice, our experienced faculty will provide the guidance and support you need to grow.

Head to sva.edu/ce to explore our offerings and register for upcoming free events.

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School of Visual Arts has been a leader in the education of artists, designers, and creative professionals for seven decades. With a faculty of distinguished working professionals, a dynamic curriculum, and an emphasis on critical thinking, SVA is a catalyst for innovation and social responsibility. Comprising 6,000 students at its Manhattan campus and 35,000 alumni in 100 countries, SVA also represents one of the most influential artistic communities in the world. For information about the college, please visit sva.edu.




Future-Proof Your Digital Identity With a .ART Domain

May 4, 2023


Digital flower art on a black backdrop

“Heterosis” by Mat Collishaw and Danil Krivoruchko for OG.ART, which showcases curated collections of dynamic generative art and offers a space for renowned digital artists to experiment with dynamic NFTs

Celebrate creativity with .ART, the premier domain for the global art community, as it marks six years since its launch and approaches a significant milestone of 300,000 registrations. With an impressive roster of users from prestigious art institutions and renowned brands—such as The Louvre, Louis Vuitton Foundation, Ars Electronica Festival, Bank of America Art Fund, Porsche, and many more—the platform’s consistent growth highlights its undeniable impact on the art world. Individual artists, art enthusiasts, and creative minds also flock to .ART, with “NameSurname.art” being among the most sought-after standard format for domain names.

Elevate your online presence with a premium .ART domain that stands out as a unique and artistic identifier. Examples of projects embracing the power of thoughtfully chosen domains include OG.ART, a platform curating collections of dynamic generative art; C2.ART, a full-service firm specializing in investment-level art; and NORTH.ART, a regional online art gallery and art news source for the North of the UK.

Embrace the digital revolution with the platform’s compatibility with Web3 and blockchain technology. More than 3,000 recently purchased .ART domains are related to NFTs and Web3, reflecting the growing trend. The platform offers matching ENS and DNS domains, bridging Web2 and Web3 platforms seamlessly. At PROTOCOL.ART, users can register the ENS name to complement their existing .ART website, allowing it to function as a web address and email, and they can even link to a wallet, NFT, or digital asset on Ethereum and other blockchain networks. With exclusive registration rights for the matching ENS name, domain owners can ensure a consistent and clear digital identity across Web2 and Web3.


A website portfolio with several images

Martin Lukas Ostachowski (MLO.ART) is a Canadian new media and crypto artist and crypto art historian who explores geometric abstraction and minimalism through both physical and digital mediums, often integrating blockchain technology

Notable creatives like contemporary artist and designer Ali Sabet (SABET.ART), new media artist and crypto art historian Martin Lukas Ostachowski (MLO.ART), and photographer and digital creator Yakob (YAKOB.ART) have already capitalized on the benefits of ENS-DNS integration.

By choosing .ART, you also contribute to the Art Therapy Initiative, which promotes the therapeutic benefits of art. Through this initiative, the platform has funded a fellowship in Art Therapy at George Washington University.

Embrace the future of digital creativity.

Discover and secure your ideal domain at get.art. Use code “COLOSSAL23” for a 50 percent discount on any domain’s first-year registration fee.


A website portfolio with an embedded video

Ali Sabet (SABET.ART) is an Iranian American contemporary artist and designer who founded his own branding agency

A website portfolio with a bio on the home page

Yakob (YAKOB.ART) is a photographer and digital creator who uses the Ethereum blockchain to showcase his work, combining photography and glitch art to create distinct and engaging pieces



The Other Art Fair Brooklyn Features Over 100 Independent Artists

May 1, 2023

The Other Art Fair

A woman looks at a painted portrait on a gallery wall

All images © The Other Art Fair

The Other Art Fair returns to Brooklyn Navy Yard from May 18 to 21 with a new roster of more than 100 independent artists showcasing 1,000+ artworks. For the May edition, the fair has added the exhibition 3walls: Re McBride and Reid+Factor, an installation entitled “Backstage at the Drag Show” by artist Nonamey, and interactive art experiences, including tintype portrait sessions with Goodness + Truth and AI-generated tattoos with artist Evan Ishmael.

Presented by Saatchi Art, The Other Art Fair started in 2011 with its first fair in London and has since expanded to include local editions in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, and Sydney. The fair aims to create an art marketplace for independent artists to sell directly to local communities. Its organizers are on a mission to break down traditional art world barriers and make art affordable and accessible to all.


Four people stand in a group at an art fair

During the four-day event, The Other Art Fair offers a diverse range of scenes. Opening Night on Thursday attracts industry professionals, collectors, and press while the Friday Late Party draws out Brooklyn creatives and the fashion set for live DJs and a bustling bar scene. The fair gets packed on Saturdays and Sundays, from serious art buyers and interior designers on the hunt for fresh artwork to casual flea market browsers looking for unique finds. With live performances, Instagram-worthy installations, popular local food trucks, and a bar running throughout the weekend, the fair has become popular among NYC experience seekers and art lovers of all levels—from the art-curious to the seasoned collector.

The Other Art Fair Brooklyn returns to Brooklyn Navy Yard from May 18 to 21. Tickets are on sale now.


two people pose for the camera at an art fair

A crowd walks through an art fair

A nighttime scene of people gathering and eating from food trucks



13 Illustration Graduates to Watch From the Maryland Institute College of Art

April 24, 2023

Maryland Institute College of Art

Birds intertwine with ribbons and vessels

Kefan Shi, MFA ’23 (Illustration Practice) (@langshiart), “Garden” (2021)

As the premiere visual storytelling form, illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) is a truly interdisciplinary practice using experimentation, reflection, and point of view. Confronting subjects of importance can be achieved with bold strokes or with a whisper, drawing the viewer closer to a place of understanding. Through their envisioning the world of an author, contemplating life, or delving into one’s gender identity, these young illustrators are giving us a roadmap to the future. They imagine and build worlds of fact, fantasy, and poetry that go beyond the page using ink, ceramics, pixels, paper, cloth, graphite, time, and sequence.

Where these inspiring illustrators come from is as unique as their culminating work. With many having studied in the field, others emerge from animation, health care, advertising, design, and social sciences. They bring not only their deep passion for illustration as a practice but their attention to the needs of society through art. Distinct in how they reach this goal, the one-year MA in Illustration and two-year MFA in Illustration Practice programs give current practitioners, or those new to the field, choices on advancing their creative output.

Acknowledged nationally as a premier leader in art and design education, MICA is deliberately cultivating a new generation of artists—one that is capable of seamlessly integrating innovation, entrepreneurship, and creative citizenship with contemporary approaches to art, design, and media.

MICA is redefining the role of artists and designers as creative, solutions-oriented makers, and thinkers who will drive social, cultural, and economic advancement for our future.

What will you create?

See more thesis work and full artist profiles at mica.edu/gradshow23.


Black-and-white flowers overlay a seatedbfigure with several eyes

Alejandro Aguilar Canela, MFA ’23 (Illustration Practice) (@alejandrocanela), “Flower” (2023)

A segment of a building opens to reveal people in rooms wiht a colorful season-like border

Nimo Jiang, MFA ’23 (Illustration Practice) (@nimooko), “Folding World: Agatha Christie” (2023)

Smaller figures appear like cupcakes and appear to emerge from a central teenage like character

Jodie Chiou, MA ’23 (Illustration) (@jiiezuo), “Ice Cream Teen” (2023)

A comet shoots through an apartment building

Dwayne Huang, MA ’23 (Illustration) (@dwaynehuang_), “The Doomsday” (2023)

SEveral characters go about their day surrounding a cut out of a teapot with words in the center

Yuanyuan Zhou, MFA ’23 (Illustration Practice) (@yuanyuanzhou_art), One spread from the book, A story of Wedgwood: Bringing elegance to the daily table (2023)

A park scene in oranges and greens with people enjoying the day

Rainy Zhang, MFA ’23 (Illustration Practice) (@rainyyyyz), “Fountain Plaza” (2023)

A figure's shadow is seen on a pond of lillies

Andromeda Xie, MA ’23 (Illustration) (@andromeda_x), “Waterlillies” (2023)

A figure is atop an abstract box of colorful lines

Di Liang, MFA ’23 (Illustration Practice) (@di_liang_), Keyframe from animation “Cut &” (2023)

People and a monster ride in a blue car against the backdrop of a city with the words "a night ride to the day"

Breeze Hu, MFA ’23 (Illustration Practice) (@breeze_hu_art), Cover art from graphic novel, A Night Ride to the Day (2023)

Two mirrored figures appear lost in thought surrounded by a messy room

Andrew Haener, MFA ’23 (Illustration Practice) (@andrewhaener), “Digital Quilt” (still) (2023)

A portrait of a man wearing a shirt that says "Black Art Matters"

Madalyn Drewno, MA ’23 (Illustration) (@madalyn.drewno), “Portrait of Eric Skinner” (2023)

Two portraits of people wearing patterned garments that blend together

Sissel Tan, MA ’23 (Illustration) (@sissel.tre), “Nautical Fashion” (2023)



RISD Continuing Education Reaches Teen Artists Globally With Online Youth Programming

April 20, 2023


A color-blocked portrait of a woman with long hair on a collaged background with photos of a palm tree, flower, and patterned textiles

Artwork by Advanced Program Online student Madison S.

Since 2020, developing effective and engaging art and design programming for teens has been the focus of Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education (RISD CE). In addition to online courses and certificate programs for adults, RISD CE now offers two formats of virtual engagement specifically designed to meet the needs and goals of young students across the globe.

Teen artists from anywhere in the world can now participate in courses taught by academics, creative practitioners, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders who advance RISD CE’s mission to provide an art and design education for everyone. Students’ unique goals are met by instructors who provide opportunities to expand their worldview and hone critical visual communication skills applicable to any career path.

RISD CE teen online courses allow students ages 13 to 17 to explore one or more visual arts and design subjects. They attend weekly live Zoom meetings, which foster connection and community building.

Our first live class had students pair up to draw blind contour portraits of each other while asking questions about who they were, where they lived, likes and dislikes. Afterwards, everyone shared their portraits and told us what they had learned about their drawing partner. The blind contour portraits got everyone laughing and created a class connection. It definitely set the tone for the rest of the session and I could see a marked improvement in student interaction. —Bunky Hurter, Fashion Illustration instructor

In addition to Zoom meetings, students will review asynchronous course materials, work on projects independently, and receive narrative assessments with personalized feedback.

Summer 2023 teen online courses are offered in two sessions from June 25 to August 5.

For high school students ages 15 to 18 looking for more intensive experiences, CE offers RISD’s Advanced Program Online, a year-round online alternative to its residential summer pre-college program. This certificate program is for changemakers who want to develop their art practices, learn new ways to collaborate, and pursue art and design topics in depth. The Advanced Program Online allows students to focus on a passion, reflect on contemporary circumstances, and create a future they’re excited about.

Summer 2023 Advanced Program Online courses are offered in two sessions from June 17 to August 13.

RISD CE Summer 2023 is now enrolling!

To learn more, visit ce.risd.edu.



If You’re Looking For Normal, You Won’t Find It At The Other Art Fair Dallas

April 17, 2023

The Other Art Fair

A photo of two people standing in a colorful textile installation

All images © The Other Art Fair, shared with permission

Your average art fair experience might look like this: a sparse selection of art on display, out of budget, eerily quiet, and overall a bit underwhelming. The Other Art Fair aims to shake this up and is heading to Dallas this May. We’re talking dazzling immersive experiences, live DJ sets, interactive workshops, and more. The fair encourages visitors to step out of their comfort zones and discover art differently—an outlandish and unmissable game plan for the weekend.

The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art is a celebration of art in all its forms. Born in London in 2011, fair founder Ryan Stanier had the vision to connect art lovers and first-time buyers with undiscovered emerging artists. Since then, the fair has expanded to over seven global locations including Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Sydney, with thousands of artworks finding homes along the way.


A photo of three people, one on the left holding a painting of a cowboy riding a zebra

Running May 11 to 14 at Dallas Market Hall, the Dallas edition will bring together the talent of more than 130 emerging artists who have been busy creating new work in their studios. The mix of local and international artists is carefully selected by a committee of art world experts to ensure you have an abundance of artistic styles, sizes, and prices to choose from and love.

You might find yourself drink in hand on the buzzing Thursday Opening Night, an artwork under your arm that you just landed for under $500, surrounded by a group of friends who share your curiosity for new experiences. For more of a party atmosphere, consider joining the Friday Late experience. Think music, drinks, and the best way to kick off the weekend. Alternatively, you could take advantage of the fair taking place on Mother’s Day by making plans with a mom you know. Take a Sunday stroll while opening your mind to whatever creative conversation comes your way.

Thousands of artworks from game-changing independent artists move, excite, and energize viewers all under one roof. Each fair has brand-new guest artists, features, installations, and encounters. Come again for a familiar yet different experience. Art that is boundary-pushing yet always affordable—whatever your vibe, you’re invited.

Book your tickets for May 11 to 14 at theotherartfair.com.


A photo of four women taking a selfie at an art fair

A photo of two woman looking at a work at an art fair

A photo of two women discussing a work at an art fair