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Monumental Bubbles Pop Up in Public Spaces in Atelier Sisu’s Inflatable Installations

February 9, 2023

Kate Mothes

An inflatable installation that looks like large bubbles.

“Evanescent.” All images © Atelier Sisu, shared with permission

Whether illuminated by the sun or spotlights, the undulating layers of Atelier Sisu’s playful installations are a presence in public spaces. The Sydney-based studio, which is a collaboration between artists Renzo B. Larriviere and Zara Pasfield, celebrates community interaction and joy in their vibrant, inflatable designs. A buttress between art and architecture, their practice focuses on the interaction between art and the surrounding environment. “Our aim is not simply to create something beautiful or a temporary sculpture but to re-interpret our public spaces through architectural choices,” the studio says in a statement.

Atelier Sisu’s self-described “bubble-tecture” is exemplified in the iridescent spheres of “Evanescent,” which features enormous, translucent orbs that stick one another and appear to tumble across lawns or plazas. Conceived during the pandemic when the artists, like many of us, were faced with uncertainty and began to more closely consider the delicate balance of stability and the fleeting nature of time, the studio “endeavoured to communicate this feeling of transient beauty and the need to live in the moment through the idea of the bubble.” The piece has been displayed in more than 22 different cities in 12 different countries.

“Evanescent” is currently on view at Leadenhall Market in London through February 10. You can find more work on the studio’s website, and follow updates on Instagram.



An inflatable installation that looks like large bubbles.


“Alcazar.” Photo courtesy of House of the Arts

Detail of “Alcazar.” Photo courtesy of House of the Arts

An inflatable installation that looks like large bubbles.

Left: “Splendour.” Right: “Sky of Bubbles”

An inflatable installation that looks like large bubbles.


An inflatable installation that looks like large bubbles.

“Evanescent” and “Evanescent Droplets”

An inflatable installation that looks like large bubbles.


An inflatable installation with colorful walls.


An inflatable installation with colorful walls.


An inflatable installation with donut-like shapes above a European street.


A detail of an inflatable installation that looks like a transparent blue ring or donut.

Detail of “Splendour”




Amazing Photography Science

Winter’s Magic: Dramatic Ice Crystals Formed in Ephemeral Spheres

December 31, 2018

Laura Staugaitis

A simple mixture of corn syrup, dish detergent, and water creates magical winter snow globes when blown into bubbles on snow. Frosty shapes dance across the fragile transparent bubbles, starting out as distant stars that expand and almost tesselate to form a continuous surface pattern. The straightforward yet delicate DIY project is dramatically documented by Ontario-based nature photographer Don Komarechka in his short film “Winter’s Magic.” Komarechka’s video features the best clips from over 400 takes that were originally shot for the BBC’s Forces of Nature documentary series. The artist works in macro, landscape, and nature photography. He also teaches workshops, and sells prints of his work, from snowflakes to spiders, on his website. For the curious, Komarechka explains the process and the technical aspects of the project on YouTube. (via The Kid Should See This)




Frozen Bubble Formations and Shards of Snow Captured in Alaska’s Swamps and Ponds by Ryota Kajita

June 19, 2018

Kate Sierzputowski

Japanese photographer Ryota Kajita has captured the strange ice patterns of Alaska’s interior swamps and ponds for the last eight years as a part of his Ice Formations series. The ephemeral structures look like fanciful desserts discovered in the wild, with frozen shavings lightly dusting the formations’ edges.

“Photography enables me to pay attention to those moments and subjects, take time to observe them and help me to understand my surroundings more intimately,” Ryota tells Colossal. “Through photographs, nature reveals its subtle beauty to me. In the Ice Formations series, I hope to share these transient and small creations of nature with others.”

Images from the series are included in a group exhibition at the Mt. Rokko Photographeric Garden through July 30, 2018. You can see more of the Alaska-based photographer’s explorations on Facebook and Instagram.



Amazing Science

The Science Behind Incredible Bubbles Explained by Pro Bubbler Melody Yang

June 14, 2018

Laura Staugaitis

With a lifetime of bubble experience under her belt, Melody Yang of the Gazillion Bubbles Show shows the method behind the madness. Much of the formula and nuances of technique are, unsurprisingly, proprietary. But the video above, from Wired, is a fun look behind the scenes as Yang demonstrates her expertise and shares some stories of her career as a bubble engineer. (via Laughing Squid)




Projection Wall: A Large-Scale Participatory Bubble Wall by Rintaro Hara

January 29, 2018

Kate Sierzputowski

Projection Wall is a floor-to-ceiling installation that produces a series of prismatic sculptures through a visitor-operated pulley system. The large-scale bubbles rise from a grid of rope as the pulley rises, which are then released into to the room by the force of eight fans set behind the soapy contraption.

The participatory work was built by Japanese artist Rintaro Hara for the 2017 Japan Alps Festival. Hara created a similar piece in 1998 titled Soap Opera, an installation inspired by the water-born aliens from the 1989 Sci-Fi Thriller The Abyss. You can see more of Hara’s moving installations (like this Rube Goldberg-inspired piece) on her website and Vimeo. (via Prosthetic Knowledge)




Freediver David Helder Possesses the Uncanny Ability to Blow Perfect Bubble Vortexes Underwater

August 10, 2014

Christopher Jobson

French freediver David Helder has been diving for over 35 years, and somewhere along the way he discovered a strange ability. Like a dolphin, Helder can blow perfectly controlled bubble rings underwater. While many divers have playfully experimented with blowing these whirling vortexes, Helder has dedicated significant time to perfecting the technique which he uses to perform dozens of different tricks. Watch the video to see him in action, thing get really interesting around the 2:40 mark. (via Sploid)