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Functional Mixtape Coffee Tables

August 16, 2016

Kate Sierzputowski


Catering to musicians and music lovers alike, Los Angeles-based company TAYBLES has created a functional piece of furniture that also acts as a nostalgic throwback to the time of homemade mixtapes. The trio of artists behind the company produces cassette tape coffee tables, each work crafted from hardwood and sealed with clear epoxy. Every table also comes with a classic cassette label affixed to the top, and LED lights hidden within the center of the mixtape’s holes. You can buy your own custom mixtape on the company’s website, and browse more designs here. (via So Super Awesome)










Art Music Photography

Cassette Tape Cyanotypes

September 5, 2011

Christopher Jobson

New-York based artist Christian Marclay is a visual artist and composer who explores the intersection of sound recording and photography.

As a performer and sound artist Christian Marclay has been experimenting, composing and performing with phonograph records and turntables since 1979 to create his unique “theater of found sound.” A dadaist DJ and filmmaker, his installations and video/film collages display provocative musical and visual landscapes. He was born in California, raised in Switzerland and now works between New York and London.

These striking blue cyanotypes are made by resting cassette tapes on photosensitive paper, like a photogram, and making multiple exposures with a light source. (via ex-chamber)




Split Pencil and Cassette Sculptures by David Poppie

August 2, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Artist David Poppie makes sculptural artworks using objects such as colored pencils, cassette tapes, matchbooks and tea bags. These pieces above are some of my favorites.

Update: It turns out the cassette tape sculptures above were actually a collaboration between David Poppie and artist Roger Sayre. We regret the omission!




LEGO Cassette Tape

July 6, 2011

Christopher Jobson

A realistic looking black cassette tape constructed entirely from LEGO by Nathan Proudlove. Amazing. (via lego diem)




Tape Cassette Coin Pouches

January 6, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Made of recyclable rubber these Haniboi cassette coin purses are off the hook ya’ll. Available in four colors the cassettes fasten shut with embedded magnets. If these don’t sell out in ten seconds I’ll eat my 8-track collection.