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Gnarled Driftwood and Branches Swell from Tiny Carved Cabins in Jonah Meyer’s Sculptures

September 19, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Jonah Meyer, shared with permission

Evoking clouds and wispy trails of smoke, hunks of gnarled driftwood emerge from Jonah Meyer’s sculptures. The Hudson Valley-based artist carves small cabins with smooth siding and tiny doorways that directly contrast the twisted branches and knobby bark that appear to billow from their chimneys. Originally conceived in 2008, the works capture the relationship between the natural and human-made and comprise the artist’s Better Homes series, which he began while building a house in the Catskills.

In addition to his practice, Meyer is also behind the furniture brand Sawkille Co. You can find more of his sculptures on his site.