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Symmetric Flora and Fauna Converge in Kelly Louise Judd’s Dreamlike Paintings

February 9, 2023

Grace Ebert

A painting of two cats with ferns

All images © Kelly Louise Judd, shared with permission

Symmetry and mirroring inform many of Kelly Louise Judd’s paintings, which intertwine flora and fauna in delicate compositions. Ferns overlay the long tails of two cats, a lanky heron gracefully perches among bluebells and sunflowers, and human hands reach upward to reveal sprawling botanicals. Rendered on neutral-toned backdrops, the works evoke the patterns and organic recurrences found throughout the natural world.

Judd, who lives and works in the Midwest, generously shares glimpses into her process on Instagram, and you can shop prints of her pieces on Etsy.


A painting of a blue heron with flowers

A painting of a fox with ferns coming from a planter

A painting of a wolf surrounded by flowers

A paintng of hands reaching toward flowers

A pair of hands reaching toward flowers

A painting of flowers