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Dreamlike Plush Characters by Marina Glebova Inhabit a Safe Haven After an Imagined Apocalypse

October 26, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Marina Glebova, shared with permission

Istanbul-based artist Marina Glebova envisions a post-apocalyptic dream world inhabited by enchanting plush characters. Hybrid creatures with both animal and human features are members of the artist’s Northern Forest community, a warm and welcoming refuge amid the chaotic catastrophe of the imagined outside universe. Dressed in layers and whimsical headdresses, the characters are often overly expressive with large, surprised eyes, wide smiles, or sly grins.

Glebova shares with Colossal that she often begins by creating the face or head, which helps to determine the figure’s body and garments. “The narrative, the story, always appears at the end of the interaction with the doll,” she says. “When the doll or series of works are ready, I can look at them in a detached way and translate the feelings that have arisen into a story, thereby connecting them to the rest of the characters already living in this universe.”

Take a peek at Glebova’s Behance for more of the enchanting characters, and see which are available for adoption on Instagram.





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