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Construction Goes Small Scale with Mini Materials’s Tiny Building Supplies

February 3, 2023

Grace Ebert

An overhead photo of mini construction materials

All images © Mini Materials

Building a tiny home gains new meaning when working with Mini Materials. The U.S.-based company invites craftspeople and masons to think small for their next projects, offering pallets of cinder blocks and lumber ready to be slathered in mortar or nailed into position at either 1:6 or 1:12 scale. From construction supplies like road signs and barriers to kits for creating a backyard firepit, Mini Materials offers a vast array of products intended for minuscule fabrication, all of which are made of the same concrete or wood as their life-sized counterparts.

Shop the small supplies on the company’s site, and find a variety of projects and how-to guides on its blog and YouTube.


A photo of a mini wheelbarrow and cinder blocks

A photo of a mini trowel, bricks, and mortar

A photo of a mini forklift and cinder blocks

A photo of a mini forklift

A photo of a mini cinder blocks

A photo of a mini dolly

A photo of mini pallets

A photo of a mini mold and concrete blocks




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