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A Mountain Out of a Molehill: This Eraser Turns Small Errors into Mount Fuji

January 29, 2020

Grace Ebert

Equipped with this eraser from Plus Stationary, you won’t be bummed to find mistakes. Each time you get rid of a wrong mark, this office staple gradually will reveal Mount Fuji. The blue and red rectangles—which represent the daytime and sunrise and sunset views of the mountain, respectively—feature a white center that when worn down and shaped into a peak, resemble the famous landmark in Japan. Standing less than 2 inches tall, the Mount Fuji Eraser is an extremely miniature version of the iconic snow-topped mountain, which stands at nearly 12,400 feet about 60 miles southwest of Tokyo.

Made with resin containing porous ceramic powder, the eraser is wrapped in a foil carton that is patterned in six different ways, representing traditional Japanese techniques like checkered and cloisonne. If you’re able to navigate Japanese, buy your own little volcano for less than $2 USD on Plus Stationary’s site. (via My Modern Met)