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Traditional Design Meets Modern Function in Natura Ceramica’s Elemental Earthenware Vessels

April 27, 2023

Kate Mothes

Two ceramic vases made from old oak singles and gray clay.

All images © Natura Ceramica, shared with permission

Harnessing the rich, organic textures of soil, stone, and timber, Ukrainian artists Andriy and Olesya Voznicki of Natura Ceramica create voluminous ceramic vessels and sculptures. Based in Amsterdam, the duo draw inspiration from natural phenomena like the changing seasons, patinas and aging, and elements like fire or earth. The pieces mirror the shapes and textures of boulders or lava rock, suggesting both beauty and resiliency and influenced by a concept called bionic design, which mimics characteristics and adaptations in nature.

While many pieces are presented series—such as Gonta, which often features old oak shingles nestled into cushion-like clay forms—each piece is unique. “The inspiration for the vases comes from both ancient Carpathian architecture and modern bionic design,” reads a statement. “The use of old shingle roofs that have their own history adds a sense of nostalgia and a connection to the past.”

Find more on the Natura Ceramica website and Instagram.


A ceramic vessel made from old oak singles and gray clay.

Two ceramic vases made from old oak singles and gray clay.

An abstract ceramic vessel that has a stony texture.

Abstract vessels made out of clay.

Two ceramic vessels that loosely resemble lava rock, one in white and one in black.

A ceramic sculpture that resembles a large stone with a textured interior.

Two earthy-colored vessels with abstract oval shapes on their exteriors.

A large panel featuring oak shingles.