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RISD Pre-College Returns to Campus This Summer, Announces Online Option

November 28, 2022


Artwork by RISD Pre-College student Aviva Cai

At Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Pre-College, rising high school juniors and seniors can live like RISD students and work alongside hundreds of other creative, highly motivated peers who will inspire them to push their limits and produce their best work. Students will follow a college-level curriculum with day-long studio classes, visits to the Nature Lab and RISD Museum, and critiques and projects that will forever shape the way they approach art and design. Summer 2023 runs from June 24 to July 29.

RISD’s Advanced Program Online is a year-round online intensive designed for high school students interested in pursuing art and design in college. This certificate program is for change-makers who want to develop their art practice, learn new ways to collaborate, and create a future they are excited about. The spring 2023 term runs from March 4 to May 21, and the summer 2023 term runs from June 17 to August 13.

Both programs offer a college-level curriculum that provides a strong foundational understanding of drawing and design principles. Whether on-campus or online, students will participate in courses led by professional instructors, learn to manage their time and self-motivate, and develop a portfolio of concepts, sketches, and finished pieces that can be included in or inform their college application.

To apply for the RISD Pre-College residential summer immersive, visit

To register for RISD’s Advanced Program Online year-round intensive, visit precollege.risd.edu/advanced-program.




Shop 20 New Works from Sebastian Foster’s Fall Print Set

November 23, 2022

Sebastian Foster

A print of a fox over a tree stump

Graham Francoise “Old Growth New Life”

Austin-based gallery Sebastian Foster just announced its 2022 Fall Print Set, marking the ten-year anniversary of the collection since it first launched in 2012. The new release features 20 works by well-established illustrators, printmakers, and painters from across the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Europe. Half of the artists have worked with the gallery for years, while the other half are guests who joined just for this collection.

This set features 20 works all published as relatively small editions, signed and numbered by the artists. Encompassing an eclectic array of mediums and themes, the collection showcases works from artists previously featured on Colossal, including Graham Franciose’s dreamlike watercolor works, Diana Sudyka’s fanciful storybook scenes, and Grant Haffner’s vibrant, flat landscapes bisected by his signature utility poles.

Now online-only, Sebastian Foster focuses on original works and prints, publishing over 1,000 editions since opening in the late 2000s. Whether you’re looking for the next piece to add to your collection or for meaningful holiday gifts, head to the gallery’s site to shop the Fall Print Set today.


A whimsical print of a fairy with animals

Diana Sudyka “Oak Guardian”

A print of a man standing in front of water

Adam Hall “Awakening”

A print of a vibrant painting of a road and sky

Grant Haffner “Dawn of New Day”

A print of a forest and lit cabins

Jeremy Miranda “Near the Wall”

A print of a portrait of a woman with tattoos

Anne Siems “Shine”

A print of a portrait of a seated woman

Caroline Ji “Sunset of Dissolution”

A print of a surreal work with hands, butterfly wings, and creatures

Mike McGrath “New songs to gently repel and persuade”

A print of a turntable in front of a window

Mike Howat “Circa 1984”

A print of a house and front lawn

Susan Abbott “Night Light”



Guidi’s Ful/mine Is Born: An International Digital Project Promoting Art in All Forms

November 21, 2022


A digital mockup of two computers and a drawing

Ful/mine is a collaborative network of underground artists from all over the world: a digital melting pot that’s becoming the home of unconventional performative art, music, illustration, poetry, literature, and cutting-edge artistic practices.

The idea was born from a commitment at the hands of Guidi—the iconic Italian shoe and bag designer known worldwide for its exceptional leather, stylistic flair, and avant-garde references—to showcase their deep bonds with experimental art. They are putting this need into practice by effectively supporting emerging artists through this patronage of the arts project, as in the Italian lineage of “Mecenate” (just like Lorenzo De Medici, who by coincidence was born in Tuscany, same as Guidi).

Each piece of art displayed on Ful/mine is commissioned by a curatorial board (visual artist and editor Ruben Spini, art curator Vittoria De Franchis, and Art Director Enrico Manganaro under the guidance of Editorial and Artistic Director Virginia W. Ricci), and then displayed in what we can define as a freaky digital artspace pushing the boundaries of the ordinary.

With Ful/mine (follow on Instagram at @fulmine.art), Guidi wants to put people at the center, especially the artists who are already involved in @GUIDI_community on Instagram, which counts more than 80,000 followers from around the world. By immersing visitors in underground art in all of its manifestations, Ful/mine acts as a container of multisensory experiences, prompting audiences to change their perspectives and get constantly inspired.

“Ful/mine is a chamber of wonders where those uncanny sparks that enlighten and strike us are showcased and connected. Impulsive, impetuous, bold, and electric. Just like a lightning bolt.” —Virginia W. Ricci, Editorial and Artistic Director of Ful/mine

To learn more, visit fulmine.art and watch the video manifesto.


A video still of a forest

Christina Vantzou, “Talking Fish” (still)

A digital mockup of two phones and a drawing

A still of a video with a colorful center

Rebecca Salvadori



The Other Art Fair Returns to Brooklyn

October 17, 2022

The Other Art Fair

Image courtesy of The Other Art Fair

Born in London in 2011, The Other Art Fair has expanded with local editions running in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Sydney. Presented by Saatchi Art in partnership with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®, each fair typically features 100+ independent artists, live performances, DJ sets, immersive installations, food trucks, and a buzzing late-night scene.

The 2022 Brooklyn edition is one of the busiest events and a top New York show to attend in the fall. Now in its 10th year, organizers have moved the event to Agger Fish at Brooklyn Navy Yard. After years at the Brooklyn Expo Center and a detour in Maspeth last year, the event is now more accessible than ever with most major train lines and even ferries from the city going directly to the venue.

Running November 3 to 6, The Other Art Fair Brooklyn will feature 120 independent emerging artists, thousands of artworks to shop from (at nearly every price point), live DJs, food trucks, and the signature BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® bar where attendees get one free gin cocktail with admission. There are always some last-minute reveals, so don’t be surprised if there’s live tattooing or Japanese rope-tying performances on site.

There are distinctive scenes happening over all four days. Private View on Thursday night attracts post-work industry folks, collectors, and press, while the Friday late-night party brings local creatives out for some mischief at the bar. Saturdays and Sundays see everything from serious shoppers looking to fill up wall space in their new apartment to post-brunch flea marketers meandering through.

All food, entertainment, and happenings are a part of The Other Art Fair’s mission to break down traditional art world barriers and make art affordable and accessible to all. The environment fosters genuine connections between all attendees from art amateurs to seasoned collectors. The event feels more like an open house party than just another art gallery opening.

The Other Art Fair Brooklyn will take place on November 3 to 6 at Brooklyn Navy Yard. Save up to 30 percent by booking in advance. Tickets are available at theotherartfair.com.




Shop Sebastian Foster’s Limited-Edition Disrupted Realism Print Set Featuring Works Reshaping Realism

October 13, 2022

Sebastian Foster

Gage Opdenbrouw. All images courtesy of Sebastian Foster, shared with permission

Austin-based gallery Sebastian Foster is collaborating with author John Seed and a group of well-established artists on a print set that coincides with his new book, Disrupted Realism.

Disrupted Realism is the first book to survey the works of contemporary painters who are challenging and reshaping the tradition of Realism. Helping art lovers, collectors, and artists approach and understand this compelling new phenomenon, the volume includes the works of 38 artists whose paintings respond to the subjectivity and disruptions of modern experience.

Seed, a widely published author and blogger, believes that we are “the most distracted society in the history of the world” and has selected artists he sees as visionaries in this developing movement. The artists’ impulses toward disruption are idiosyncratic, but all include perception and emotion in their processes. Sebastian Foster collaborated with Seed on a print set of nine works from artists featured in the book, each available in small, exclusive numbered editions of 25.

Now online-only, Sebastian Foster focuses on original works and prints, publishing upwards of 1,000 editions since it opened in the 2000s. Whether you’re looking for the next piece to add to your collection or for meaningful holiday gifts, head to the gallery’s site to shop the Disrupted Realism Print Set today.


Daniel Bilodeau

Dorian Vallejo

J Louis

Joshua Meyer

Kirstine Reiner Hansen

Mia Bergeron

Nick Runge

Zack Zdrale

Disrupted Realism, cover



MPB Simplifies Buying, Selling, and Trading Used Photo and Video Gear

October 11, 2022


Image courtesy of MPB, shared with permission

Photography changes people. It expresses emotion in a way words cannot.

That’s why MPB strives to make photography more affordable and accessible for all. Founded by Matt Barker in 2011, MPB is the largest global platform to buy, sell, and trade used photo and video gear. Headquartered in Brighton, Brooklyn, and Berlin, MPB serves visual storytellers around the world.

The platform makes it easy to compare, filter, and shop thousands of items. MPB recirculates over 350,000 items annually and adds over 1,000 products to the website each week. This includes cameras, lenses, and accessories from leading brands such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Used items from MPB cost an average of 33 percent less than new products, and all gear comes with a free six-month warranty.

MPB is not a peer-to-peer marketplace and buys used gear directly from visual storytellers before reselling products, all carefully inspected and approved by their experts.

Need to get rid of gear? Start by filling out a free instant quote, select the model and condition of your gear, and they’ll put a price tag on it. MPB never adds hidden fees, so the number listed in your quote is always the amount you make.

Want to upgrade instead? Switch up your setup by trading in. Just add items to your cart at the start of the process, and you’re good to go.

While visual storytelling is at the heart of MPB, the platform is also committed to the bigger picture. Its business model is 100 percent circular, uses only plastic-free packaging and low-carbon data centers, and partners with couriers that invest in electric vehicles and sustainable fuels.

You can find answers and resolve issues through MPB’s Help Center FAQs and forums, or by chatting with an MPB expert directly via phone or email.

If you’re looking to save or make money on used camera gear, MPB is a premium place to start. Buy, sell, or trade at mpb.com. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.