Surreal Murals by ‘Etam Cru’ Turn Drab Facades into Eye-Popping Imagery

etam-1Moonshine, 2013. Richmond Mural Project. By Etam Cru.

By Sainer in Gdynia, Poland. 2013. Photo by FOT. ALKA MURAT.

etam-3The Healer, 2013. By Bezt (Etam) and Pener (Spectrum).

Meeting the God, 2013. By Bezt. See it animated.

High Hopes, 2013. By Sainer. Photo by Benjamin Rataud.

The Change, 2013. By Bezt.

Madame Chicken, 2013. By Etam Cru.

Polish artists Sainer and Bezt, collectively known as Etam Cru, paint large scale murals of surreal and frequently humorous subjects in locations mostly around Eastern Europe. The duo traveled to the U.S. this year to paint a wildly popular mural titled Moonshine at the Richmond Mural Project depicting a girl sitting inside a jar of strawberries. The piece is now available as a print over on Art Whino. Above is a collection of their most recent work from 2013, much more of which you can see on Facebook, the Etam Cru blog, and on Behance. (via Arrested Motion)

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