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Paintings by Michael Kerbow Warn of Dire Consequences for Current Actions

August 27, 2014

Christopher Jobson


Their Refinement of the Decline, oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches

Michael Kerbow is an artist based in San Francisco who works in a variety of mediums including painting, assemblage, drawing and digital photography. Of particular note are his large oil and acrylic paintings that depict surreal and at times nightmarish visions of the future, where industry and human development has grown without regulation or care for the environment. Kerbow shares via email:

My work explores the way in which we engage with our surroundings and the possible consequences our actions have upon the world in which we live. Through my work I attempt to question the rationale of our choices, and try to reveal the dichotomy that may exist between what we desire and what we manifest. Recently my work has focused upon the mechanisms that power our society and examines how they may influence the construct for a possible future.

Kerbow will have work at an upcoming group show called “Real Surreal” at Sandra Lee Gallery in San Francisco.


Their Refinement of the Decline, detail


Diminishing Returns, oil on canvas, 48 × 60 inches


Diminishing Returns, detail


Witching Hour, acrylic on paper, 34 × 42.5 inches


A New Religion, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches


Hollow Pursuits, acrylic on canvas, 54 × 54 inches


Fool’s Gold, oil on canvas, 60 × 48 inches

#environment #painting #surreal


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