Fantastic Folds: Superb Paper Origami Creations by Gonzalo Calvo

Designed by Gen Hagiwara

Madrid-based origami enthusiast Gonzalo García Calvo has a knack for fiddling with paper. He uses a variety of different techniques and papers to fold impressive animals, objects, and sci-fi figures designed by a number of top origami artists. By day Gonzalo works professionally as a musician but easily gets lost in the challenge of bringing paper to life in his spare time. Seen here is a collection of my favorites, but you can scroll through Flickr to see more. All photos courtesy the artist. (via Demilked)


Designed by Nguyen Hung Cuong

Designed by Artur Biernacki

Origami Dancing Crane designed by Robert Lang and folded from one square of Unryu paper 40×40 cm

Designed by Satoshi Kamiya

Designed by Katsuta Kyohei

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