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Better Out Than In: Banksy to Descend on NYC for an Outdoor “Residency” in October

October 1, 2013

Christopher Jobson


Banksy’s website updated a few minutes ago to announce Better Out Than In, “an artists residency on the streets of New York.” The ongoing event is accompanied by a phone number (800) 656-4271 that you can call with a specific code correlating to each artwork. The current recording for #1, shown above, involves a satirical message that completely skewers typical audio tours found in museums and galleries and pokes fun of the artist as well, referring to him repeatedly as “Ban Sky”.

Do you think he’ll make a new piece every day? That seems pretty grueling. Stay tuned to to find out. Nearly 14 months have passed since Banksy’s last (known) foray outdoors prior to the 2012 Olympics in London.

Update: It appears Banksy is posting photos of new work to Instagram. There’s already a new piece for today, so it looks like we might be in for 31 new works. Wow.



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