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#anatomy #black and white #bones

Evolution: A Stunning Monochromatic Exploration of Vertebrate Skeletons by Patrick Gries

November 20, 2013

Christopher Jobson

Horse and rider

Horse and Rider © Patrick Gries


Opah © Patrick Gries


Cheetah © Patrick Gries

African Elephant

African Elephant © Patrick Gries


Rattlesnake © Patrick Gries


Mandrill & Humbolt’s Wooly Monkey © Patrick Gries


Orca © Patrick Gries


Lemur © Patrick Gries


Flamingo & Water Monitor © Patrick Gries


© Xavier Barral


© Xavier Barral

Created in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, Evolution is an extraodinary collection of images by photographer Patrick Gries that tells the visual story of evolution through 300 black and white photos of vertebrate skeletons. Unlike a textbook approach to photography, the skeletons Gries’ photos appear to have been reanimated, artfully posed and lit in lifelike scenarios resulting in images that are both beautiful and haunting.

In addition to the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, Gries acquired anatomical specimens from numerous veterinary and natural history museums throughout France and Monaco to round out the series of photos that are accompanied by passages from writer and scientist Dr. Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu. Evolution is available through Editions Xavier Barral.

All images courtesy Patrick Gries. (via Photojojo)

#anatomy #black and white #bones


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