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Dance Through an Abandoned Warehouse Filled with Hundreds of Swinging Pendulums

May 11, 2014

Christopher Jobson


Victor Frankowski / Brighton Festival

World-renowned choreographer and artist William Forsythe (previously) has just unveiled his latest “choreographic object,” an old municipal market space filled with hundreds of suspended pendulums that swing in timed sequences. As visitors move through the space they are forced to duck, dodge, and dart through the rows of swinging weights (technically plumbobs) resulting in an impromptu dance. Forsythe is known for his unique blend of choreography and artwork where the viewer often becomes a participant in his interactive installations.

Titled “Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No. 2,” the exhibition is located at Circus Street Market as part of the Brighton Festival, an annual arts festival in England. Stop by and you can practice your advanced avoidance strategies for free through May 25, 2014. Film by Shy Camera. (via My Modern Met)


Victor Frankowski / Brighton Festival


Victor Frankowski / Brighton Festival


Victor Frankowski / Brighton Festival





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