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Emil Alzamora’s Distorted Human Figures Appear to Melt, Morph, and Defy Gravity

November 3, 2014

Christopher Jobson










Artist Emil Alzamora (previously) explores the human body through his figurative sculptures that distort, inflate, elongate, and deconstruct physical forms in order to reveal emotional situations and narratives. Alzamora works with a variety of materials including bronze, gypsum, concrete, and other ceramic materials to create pieces with smooth, almost non-descript surfaces to instead draw attention to shape and scale. Born in Peru, he began sculpting in the fall of 1998 in New York at the Polich Tallix fine art foundry, and has since exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, most recently at Expo Chicago and the International Sculpture Symposium In Icheon in South Korea. You can see more of his work on Facebook and on Instagram. (via Dark Silence in Suburbia)

#anatomy #sculpture


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