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#embroidery #plants

Stylish Embroidered Houseplants and Interiors by Sarah K. Benning

November 7, 2016

Christopher Jobson


Fiber artist Sarah K. Benning is self-taught in the craft of embroidery but brings her background in fine art to every artwork she creates. Each piece first begins as an illustration where she draws inspiration from the aesthetics of Midcentury design, interior design trends, and often making reference to her own houseplant collection. To better capture her subject matter Benning often eschews traditional embroidery techniques and stitches in favor of bold and improvised methods that better represent contemporary design.

Benning graduated in 2013 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in Fiber and Material Studies, and now splits her time between Baltimore and Spain. She frequently updates her Instagram and Facebook pages, and you can find new works available in her online shop. She also sells original patterns through subscriptions on Etsy. (via Booooooom)










#embroidery #plants


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