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All-Natural Ingredients Create a Rainbow of Colors in Linda Miller Nicholson’s Playful Pastas

July 26, 2018

Laura Staugaitis

Linda Miller Nicholson creates spectacular pastas from scratch, ranging from her signature rainbow fusilli to Mario Kart-inspired red and white ravioli. She works with all natural ingredients like butterfly pea flowers (blue), beets and blueberries (purple), turmeric (yellow), and parsley (green) to infuse her flour, egg, and water mixtures with eye-popping colors. Because her pastas are freshly made, quick cooking time allows the colors to maintain their vibrance after boiling.

Nicholson shares behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube, and you can see more of her finished and in-progress pastas on Instagram. Nicholson’s debut cookbook Pasta, Pretty Please is available to order on

Agnolotti is my favorite Piemontese pasta shape, & I’ve finally made a how-to video teaching you the ins and outs of making it! Here’s the teaser, go to my YouTube channel (link in my profile) for the full-length tutorial. Of course it wouldn’t be saltyseattle’s if I didn’t add a ❌lattice❌pattern 😜.

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#colors #rainbows


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