A Colossal Day

January 16, 2013

Christopher Jobson


Today is an incredible day.

For the past two years Colossal has come to you directly from coffee shops, dining room tables, couches, restaurants, hotels, and once from a small fishing craft in the Gulf of Alaska. I’ve written a handful of posts from a moving vehicle, one from a CTA rail car, and a few more from airplanes. Because of my job, work on Colossal often started hours before the sun came up when I poured entire pots of coffee on myself, with barely enough consciousness to muster the thought: LOOK AT THIS THIS AMAZING THNG. For 30 months Colossal has never been edited from a desk, during the day.

As of this post, that changes. I’m stupidly excited to announce that Colossal has grown enough that it’s now able to support my family and that today for the first time I will begin editing full-time. This abundance of time will let me focus on regular daily updates as well as a clogged pipeline of new projects and collaborations that will roll out over the next few months. Thanks to everyone who has clicked, tweeted, bookmarked, emailed or otherwise shared links from this blog, it’s because of you this is all possible.

OF NOTE: One of the main reasons Colossal exists is through limited advertising in partnership with Nectar Ads, an ad network for the visual arts. If you’re at all interested in getting your company, gallery, or event in front of millions of artists, photographers, and designers, please get in touch.




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