#furniture #installation #multiples

Bang: Ai Weiwei’s Latest Installation Made from 886 Antique Stools

June 7, 2013

Christopher Jobson






Artist Ai Weiwei has unveiled a number of significant artworks in the last few weeks. The artist released a music video and created a large-scale diorama depicting scenes from his controversial imprisonment, and also created a sobering installation comprised of 150 tons of straightened rebar taken from schools that collapsed during the devastating 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

Lastly at the 2013 Venice Art Biennale Weiwei contributed an installation consisting of 886 wooden antique stools called Bang. For centuries in Chinese culture it was common for families to have at least one of these handcrafted 3-leg stools for use in the home that was often passed down through generations. As the country has developed at lightning speed the stools have quickly been replaced by plastic and metal alternatives. Weiwei salvaged hundreds of these stools and used them to build this sprawling and nearly organic installation in the German Pavilion. You can learn more over on designboom. Photos by Roman Mensing. (via ignant)

#furniture #installation #multiples


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