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Chairs and Other Sculptural Objects That Melt Into the Floor by Tatiana Blass

November 15, 2016

Kate Sierzputowski


“Tail Chair” (2005), wood chair and lacquered wood, 100x150x200 cm, images courtesy of Tatiana Blass

In an installation titled Tails from 2006, Tatiana Blass (previously), presented several wooden chairs and other sculptural objects that seem to melt into the ground. The works merge with the floor through additions of specifically cut lacquered wood or fiber glass, solid forms that give the illusion of both brightly colored and woodgrain patterned liquid. The Brazilian artist is represented by Galeria Millan in Sao Paulo. You can see more of her past and present works on her website.

col. Alexandre Martins Fontes

“Tail Chair” (2005), wood chair and lacquered wood, 100x150x200 cm


“Sofia” (2006), wood and lacquered painting, 200x180x150 cm


“Golden Cashew” (2006), wood chair and lacquered wood, 100x150x200 cm


“Tail #2” (2005), acrylic ball, lacquered wood, and fiber glass, 40x180x150 cm


Installation view, “Tails,” (2006)

#chairs #sculpture #wood


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