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Parted Ceramic Mouths and Clenched Hands Enliven Tea Sets by Ronit Baranga

September 24, 2018

Kate Sierzputowski

"Tea Party," all images provided by Ronit Baranga

“Tea Party,” all images provided by Ronit Baranga

Sculptor Ronit Baranga (previously here and here) produces figurative ceramic works that combine human characteristics with inanimate objects such as teacups, saucers, and plates. Open mouths are placed at the center of cups and pots, begging to sip the contents poured inside, while fingers mounted to the bottom of the pieces look as if they might carry the works across the table.

The Israel-based artist currently has a solo exhibition titled Tea Party at Beinart Gallery in Melbourne, Australia which closes September 30, 2018. Her work is also included in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine‘s curated exhibition Ephemeral at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco through October 6, 2018, and the group exhibition Beauties and the Beast at Galerie Klose in Essen, Germany opening September 28. You can see more of her anatomical ceramics on her website and Instagram.

"Whispering to Myself"

“Whispering to Myself”

"Embraced #22"

“Embraced #22”

"Wild Things #3"

“Wild Things #3”

"Wild Thing #11"

“Wild Thing #11”

"Whispering to Myself #1"

“Whispering to Myself #1”

"The Wild Things"

“The Wild Things”

"The Wild Things"

“The Wild Things”

"Hallowed Lady Pinching and Squeezing Kettle"

“Hallowed Lady Pinching and Squeezing Kettle”

"Hallowed Lady Pinching and Squeezing Kettle"

“Hallowed Lady Pinching and Squeezing Kettle”

"Embraced in Blue"

“Embraced in Blue”


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