Meet Chassie: The Unconventional Desk and Table Company

November 1, 2021


Andrew and Jane Daines started Chassie with the belief that furniture should be made locally and customers should have a connection to the people who make the goods. People used to know the butchers, tailors, cobblers, and craftspeople of their lives by name, but this connection has declined in recent years. To get what you want, you have to choose between something pre-fab, pricey, or a piece that will take forever to arrive. Jane and Andrew believe those are lousy choices.


Hannah Fitzgerald’s “Octopus”

With this in mind, they built a studio in the South Bronx, using local lumber to create desks, tables, and custom projects for their customers. Since their origin point is New York City, the first collection of desks featured original works by 15 local artists printed directly into the desktop surface. These artists responded to a simple design brief: create a desk design for your life’s work. The results were stunning and unusual.


Hannah Fitzgerald’s “Octopus”

The wild success of Chassie’s first line of furniture led to a web of relationships in the art, design, and maker communities of NYC. Desk projects turned into home office renovations, conference tables for Fortune 500 companies, and solid oak king-size beds. Suddenly people and businesses across the country knew someone by name in the furniture industry.


Jean Uwilingiyimana’s “Urbis”

The Chassie traditional and standing desk lines (available at chassie.com to ship nationwide) are designed by humans for humans. For custom projects, send your office or home desk ideas to [email protected]. The team is eager to connect and hear what you hope to accomplish with your life’s work.


A solid oak headboard designed by Bechara and Andrew





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