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More Than 70 International Artists Descend on Cincinnati for BLINK, a Massive Mural and Light Festival

October 20, 2022

Grace Ebert

Max Sansing. All images by Halopigg, courtesy of BLINK, shared with permission

For the first time since 2019, the largest public art and light festival in the U.S. brought a spate of new works to Cincinnati. More than 70 artists from around the world gathered in mid-October for BLINK, a four-day event that spanned 30 blocks across the Midwestern city. In attendance were quite a few artists featured previously on Colossal, including Max Sansing (previously), PichiAvo (previously), Shantell Martin (previously), Nespoon (previously), and Faith XLVII (previously).

We’ve gathered some of our favorite works created during this year’s event—you’ll find Martin’s signature line-drawn figures encircling a cityscape, PichiAvo’s vibrant amalgam of art history and graffiti, and a new delicate lace design from Nespoon—although it’s worth heading to BLINK’s Instagram to take a peek at the light projections, immersive projects, and other murals, as well.


Insane 51

Add Fuel



Shantell Martin

Jenny Ustick


#murals #public art #street art


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