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The Elegant ‘Library House’ Encases a Vast Book Collection Within a Swedish Forest

January 4, 2023

Grace Ebert

A photo of a person walking in a glass house

All images courtesy of Fria Folket

Nestled in lush woodlands near Stockholm, the “Library House” is a sophisticated dwelling that’s both creatively inspiring and meditative. Glass walls enclose the four-building structure, which was designed by the architecture studio Fria Folket, and shelves of books delineate many of the rooms and hallways. The cozy and airy dwelling features a wood stove in an open kitchen, a connected greenhouse, warm rust-colored tile running throughout the home, and a central courtyard for gathering.

Explore more of Fria Folket’s elegant designs on Instagram. (via Plain Magazine)


A photo of a glass house with books and a courtyard

Two photos of the interior of a glass house with books and a baby grand piano

A photo of the interior of a home hallway

A photo of a glass house with a woodstove in the kitchen

Two photos of a glass house facing inside and out

A photo of the interior of a glass house with a stove and bookshelves

A photo of glass house in the woods

#architecture #books #Fria Folket #glass


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