#Amsterdam #humor #Julie Hrudová #street photography

Humor and Happenstance Coalesce in Julie Hrudová’s Amsterdam Street Photography

February 17, 2023

Kate Mothes

A photograph of a person on top of a tall light post.

All images © Julie Hrudová, licensed and shared with permission

Along the streets and canals of Amsterdam, photographer Julie Hrudová (previously) captures daily life through candid snapshots of cyclists hauling unique cargo, pedestrians battling the elements, and canines commuting in style. In her series Chasing Amsterdam, Hrudová focuses on everyday moments and unexpected happenings around the Dutch capital, highlighting the diverse routines of its inhabitants. She has also just begun to experiment with mobile phone videography. “After roaming the streets of Amsterdam, it’s fun to capture the city and other places in a new way,” she says.

Prints from Chasing Amsterdam are available to purchase in Hrudová’s shop. Find more of her work on her website, or follow updates on Instagram.


A photograph of a man on a bike with mannequin pieces in the cargo bags.

A dog standing in a shallow pool of water with dyed red fur on top of its head.

Left: A figure walks against the wind with an umbrella, dressed all in brown. Right: A figure walks across a square carrying yellow plastic cubes.

A figure walks out of a door carrying a huge bouquet of balloons.

A figure walks across a platform wearing an abstract, flowery costume, surrounded by people on bikes.

Left: A young man stands in profile with a skateboard on his head. Right: A parrot stands on a waste bin.

A photograph of a man holding a bride's purple dress on a windy day.

A photograph of a person walking their dog in a crate through a park.

A photograph of a figure on a bike, carrying a Christmas tree that obscures their face.

#Amsterdam #humor #Julie Hrudová #street photography


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