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Kaci Smith Weaves Colorful Patterns into Miniature Looms Fashioned from Wishbones and Branches

March 22, 2023

Kate Mothes

Wishbones woven with colorful thread

All images © Kaci Smith, shared with permission

In autumn of 2020, artist Kaci Smith was faced with a compound dilemma: daily life was still affected by the pandemic while devastating wildfires spread around her home in Northern California. “The air was so filled with smoke that even my studio became off limits,” she says. “The first branch weaving was just a way to pass some time and do something creative while being stuck indoors.” Smith had previously turned to the craft as a calming and meditative complement to her collage and painting practice, so when she began to forage for twigs that she could transform into delicate looms, she was excited about the possibilities and a new challenge.

Weaving colorful weft threads through plain warp threads, Smith’s interventions suspend web-like miniature tapestries in natural frames. Depending on the size of the branch or the complexity of the pattern, a piece can take several days to complete. A few months ago, she was inspired to utilize a leftover wishbone as “a way to honor the turkey that fed my family on Thanksgiving,” she says, and sources additional pieces online as byproducts of the poultry industry. “Even though tapestry is basically ‘painting with yarn,’ you can never rush it. The very nature of it teaches patience, and there is a special rhythm in the repetition.”

Find more of Smith’s work on her website and Instagram.


Wishbones woven with colorful thread

Wishbones woven with colorful thread

Wishbones woven with colorful thread

A branch woven with colorful thread

A wishbone woven with colorful thread

A branch woven with colorful thread.

#fiber art #Kaci Smith #thread #weaving


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