The Art of Smoke Bombs and Fireworks by Olaf Breuning

Smoke Bombs, 2008

olaf-3Color Wheels, 2012

Smoke Bombs 3, 2013

olaf-1Firey Eye, 2013

olaf-2Smoke Bombs 2, 2011

Swiss visual artist Olaf Breuning places no limits on his medium of choice, expressing his artistic vison through peformance art, sculpture, drawing, photography, installation and film. My favorite of his work are these precisely staged photos of various smoke bombs, fireworks and other colorful objects arranged on a loose framework. The pieces have occasionally been lit as part of a “happening” such as his site-specific smoke installation at Station to Station in New York. You can see much more of his photography and other art over on his website, and see a brief interview with him courtesy of the Avant/Garde Diaries.

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