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Stephanie K. Clark’s Thread Paintings Capture Homes in Their Distinctly Native Surroundings

April 29, 2015

Kate Sierzputowski


Stephanie K Clark builds homes from swatches of cloth and spools of thread, embroidering tiny dwellings which appear to absorb the sun and moonlight from her small-scale scenes. The structures and their surrounding landscaping appear in vibrant colors while supporting and environment-specific trees, cacti, flamingos, and dogs lay nearby in faint black outlines.

The Salt Lake City-based Clark envisions the works as paintings with thread, and spends most of her time sewing and finding alternative ways to explore the creative process. “When I embroider on canvas it feels like oils; it flows, it blends, and it’s rich,” says the artist on her website. “When I embroider on loose shear or silk, it’s like a watercolor; its delicate, the thread goes where it wants to go, and it moves with the fabric.” Clark uses the embroidery to create a domestic feel that she believes accurately the tells the story of both a life in the home and family.

Clark does not sell her embroideries online, but takes commissions via email. More work of Clark’s can be found on her blog and Instagram. (via The Jealous Curator)










#architecture #embroidery


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