Interview: Lisa Ericson Dives into the Threat of the Climate Crisis and Why She Chooses Magic Over Scientific Accuracy

October 20, 2020

Grace Ebert

“Anchor.” All images © Lisa Ericson, shared with permission

In her hyperrealistic paintings, artist Lisa Ericson (previously) spotlights the myriad ways animal life and the natural world are connected, a theme she depicts by positioning various species on the backs of others and explains in a new interview. The vivid composites group marine and land creatures in unusual combinations that defy boundaries of habitat and authentic interactions.

The underlying subject matter may be based on a real-world issue (coral bleaching, habitat erosion, etc.), but my take on it is not scientific, and I won’t sacrifice the impact of the image for the sake of scientific exactitude. I like to spin the story in whatever way creates the most visual and emotional impact for the viewer.

In the conversation with managing editor Grace Ebert, Ericson speaks to how COVID-19 has affected her work, the destruction caused by the ongoing climate crisis, and why she forgoes a wholly realistic approach to her paintings. Thanks to the generous support of Colossal Members, our interview series is available to all readers.


“Safe Passage”




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