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Wooden Benches Unfurl into Pasta-Esque Strands in Pablo Reinoso’s Works

December 10, 2020

Grace Ebert

“Curly Bench (2019), photo by Rodrigo Reinoso. All images © Pablo Reinoso, shared with permission

The unbound slats of Pablo Reinoso’s unassuming benches curl sideways and up walls in a tangle of wood and metal. Based just outside of Paris, the French-Argentine artist and designer (previously) applies a rebellious and playful lens to his otherwise simple seating, merging functionality and aesthetics to create roving sculptural artworks. His wall frames snarl in a similar manner with knotted masses descending from their inner edges.

Reinoso’s spaghetti-style works will be included in a group show at Mad Paris from December 16, 2020, to May 11, 2021. Until then, explore more of his projects on his site and Instagram.


“Black Sand” (2018), photo by Pia Torelli

“Déroulé” (2018), photo by Rodrigo Reinoso

“Fire” (2018), photo by Rodrigo Reinoso

“Looping One” (2020), photo by Rodrigo Reinoso

Left: “Marco Buenos Aires II” (2018), photo by Rodrigo Reinoso. Right: “Marco del Sur” (2018)

“Marco Paris IV” (2019), photo by Rodrigo Reinoso

“Spaghetti corten” (2008), corten steel and teak, 80 x 344 x 172 centimeters

“Fourvière Bench” (2018), carved wood and steel, 454 x 445 x 310 centimeters, photo by Rodrigo Reinoso

“Fourvière Bench” (2018), carved wood and steel, 454 x 445 x 310 centimeters, photo by Rodrigo Reinoso

#furniture #sculpture #wood


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