.ART Domains Celebrates Five Years of Building Digital Identities

May 9, 2022


Multidisciplinary artist Shantell Martin. Photo by Timothy Schenck

Since launching in 2017, .ART has become a popular extension for creatives and is among the top five fastest-growing domains—all through organic growth and remarkably high renewal rates. A website on .ART can be anything: an online portfolio, a point of entry for all of your social media accounts, a revenue-generating marketplace, or even a cool name for your NFT. Its community of more than 200,000 users includes creative organizations, individual personalities, and industry giants like the Louvre, Marina Abramovic Institute, LACMA, ICA London, Amazon, Bank of America, Mercedes, Pixar, Kickstarter, Vivienne Westwood, and many others.

.ART users come to the platform to make an impact with their domain name, enhance their online presence, and be easily discovered. For example, Shantell Martin (shantellmartin.art) has been with .ART from the beginning. Since then, she’s co-created a live performance with Kendrick Lamar, choreographed her first ballet at Boston Ballet, collaborated with the Whitney Museum Shop, taken over all the screens in the Oculus at the World Trade Center, and more. Reflecting on the development of digital space over the past few years, Martin says, “People have a more digital presence than five years ago. The definition of ‘being online’ has changed immensely, and now this encompasses AR, Discord, NFTs, etc. It’s so many more things than it used to be.”


Shantell Martin’s takeover of the Oculus’s screens in the World Trade Center. Photo by Timothy Schenck

bitforms gallery (bitforms.art), based in New York and San Francisco, represents established, mid-career, and emerging artists who are critically engaged with new technologies. Spanning the history of media art through its current developments, the gallery’s program offers an incisive perspective on digital, internet, time-based, and new media art forms. “I’ve been telling my artists to get .ART because .com is related to commerce and business, and .ART immediately puts you in a place that people understand you’re in the art platform,” says Steven Sacks, bitforms gallery founder.

To date, the Public Benefit Corporation Kickstarter Arts (kickstarter.art) has raised more than $290 million for more than 76,000 artistic projects across the art, dance, photography, and theatre categories. The team behind Kickstarter comments that “.ART allows us to speak directly to the arts community in a more targeted and focused way.”

Jobs.art attracts employers from across the globe with the aim of connecting applicants to museums, galleries, curators, and other art handling positions. Founder Clynton Lowry says: “Essentially, .ART has provided half the marketing for us. It’s like the readymade, but for online identities.”

Created in 1956, Brafa Art Fair (brafa.art) is one of the world’s oldest art fairs. Bruno Nelis, Brafa’s former PR & Communication Director, explains: “Before we had a brafa.be website on a Belgian domain, and we felt that it was important to get access to a community that was global.”

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By Metalman (metalman.art), courtesy of the artist





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