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#ghosts #glass #Masanaga Noike

Adorable Glass Ghosts by Masanaga Noike Cradle Chopsticks on Their Bellies

October 24, 2022

Kate Mothes

All images © Masanaga Noike

Masanaga Noike, who’s behind the Nagano City-based studio naga-no-glass, has summoned some super cute spirits to the table just in time for the most haunted day of the year. Designed to cradle chopsticks on their pudgy bellies, every ghostly dinner guest is hand-formed and given whimsical expressions, so no two are alike. Noike makes them by coating a white powdered glass over the top of transparent glass, then pulling the hands and tail and denting the stomach where the utensils can be placed.

Explore more of Noike’s work on Instagram. (via Spoon & Tamago)


#ghosts #glass #Masanaga Noike


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