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Metamorphosis and History Merge in Meticulously Carved Sculptures by Andreas Senoner

November 9, 2022

Kate Mothes

A sculpture by Andreas Senoner of two figures covered in white feathers.

“Origins,” walnut and feathers. All images © Andreas Senoner, shared with permission

Seemingly transfixed in time during a mysterious process of transformation, Andreas Senoner’s mixed-media sculptures capture expressive details in human figures and gestures. “I focus my research on a series of main themes, including metamorphosis, heritage, and stratification,” he tells Colossal. The Florence-based artist explores layers of history by working with materials that are rich in cultural significance, incorporating textures like thorns or spikes, insect-bored timber, or saturated paint that induces tension.

Senoner carefully forms the contours of muscles and limbs in response to the natural grain of each piece of wood, and works can take several weeks to complete. “The essence of the wood also has a strong influence; a walnut sculpture, for example, takes twice as long as one made of lime wood,” he explains. Intricately detailed, life-like body parts sprout thorns, mimic a felled tree, or appear from beneath a cocoon-like cloak of organic material. Many reference figures from classical art history in another nod to the passing of time.

“Feathers have a very strong symbolism, and they are an integral part of rituals and celebrations in many cultures, where they represent lightness and freedom,” he tells Colossal. The feathers create layers, “like an intangible and delicate skin or shell that still is able to confine and shield the represented individual from the outside world.” Contrasting textures and associations of materials like ancient walnut, beeswax, or lichen parallels his interest in the dualities of interior and exterior experiences.

Senoner is currently working toward exhibitions in early 2023 in Italy and Belgium, and you can find more on his website and Instagram.


A sculpture by Andreas Senoner of a hand with thorns coming out of the fingers.

“Fear,” walnut

A sculpture by Andreas Senoner of a foot with thorns coming out of it.

“Fragment,” walnut

A sculpture by Andreas Senoner of a figure covered in white and yellow feathers.

“Mask (moulting),” walnut and feathers

A sculpture by Andreas Senoner of a bust with insect-bored wood.

“Nature doesn’t care,” ancient walnut

A sculpture by Andreas Senoner of a bust with insect-bored wood.

“Nature doesn’t care”

Two images of sculptures by Andreas Senoner featuring two arms connected in a U-shape with feathers, and two figures with red legs wearing white feathers.

:eft: “Shapeshifter,” walnut and feathers. Right: Rear view of “Origins”

A torso and lower legs on its side made out of wood by Andreas Senoner.

“Regrowth,” painted walnut

A sculpture by Andreas Senoner of two figures whose legs are sticking out of a covering made of green lichen.

“Origins,” wood and lichen

#Andreas Senoner #feathers #nature #sculpture #time #wood #woodworking


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