#Christopher Dormoy #climate crisis #ice #short film #timelapse #video

A Stunning Timelapse of Ice Melting Ties the Climate Crisis to an ‘Eternal Spring’

April 20, 2023

Grace Ebert

Melting mounds of snow, icicles dripping from gutters, and morning frost quickly disappearing from the grass are all telltale signs that spring is near. But what happens when the landscape is suspended in a perpetual state of thaw not tied to the change of the season? Christopher Dormoy wades into this question in “Eternal Spring,” a mesmerizing short film that magnifies the properties of melting ice.

Shot with a macro lens, the timelapse zeroes in small frozen pockets that appear like cavernous landscapes and vast tundras, tying the film to its large-scale concerns. “Melting ice is beautiful and symbolizes spring, but it can also symbolize the problematic aspect of our climate,” the Montreal-based art director says. Given the incredible loss of ice already happening at the poles, “Eternal Spring” takes on additional meaning when linked to the climate crisis and what it means to inhabit a rapidly warming planet.

The film is part of a larger archive of Dormoy’s experimental projects, which you can find on Vimeo.


an animated image showing a cavern of ice melting

A tunnel of ice opens upward to the nighttime sky with a bright moon at the center

an animated image showing a cavern of ice melting

#Christopher Dormoy #climate crisis #ice #short film #timelapse #video


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