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Savor These Decadent Cakes, Pastries, and Other Sweet Treats in the Soft Glow of Candlelight

February 1, 2023

Grace Ebert

A photo of a cake candle

Photos by Julie Purpura, all images © Center of Order and Experimentation, shared with permission

Just like recipes are passed from one generation to the next, so are the methods behind the decadent cakes and pastries of Cereria Introna. Piped with thick pink frosting or dusted with sugar, the confections are handmade in Italy by a family that’s been whipping up creations since the mid-1800s. What differentiates their sweets from the bakery down the street, though, is how they’re consumed: rather than melt in your mouth, Cereria Introna’s desserts are candles made of paraffin wax. In addition to slices of cake and banana splits drizzled with chocolate, the company also crafts fruits, loaves of bread, and even garnished plates of spaghetti for savoring at home.

If you’re in Chicago, stop by the Center of Order and Experimentation to find an impeccably curated selection of the candles. Otherwise, check out the company’s site.


A photo of a cake candle

A photo of a cake candle

A photo of cake candles

Photo by Paul Octavious

A photo of a cake candle

A photo of a banana split candle

A photo of a catbcandle

#cake #candles #fruit #wax


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